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  1. FOSDEM 2024: A Review

    Last weekend I was in Brussels to attend FOSDEM. As always, it was a real pleasure to be there and I don't even regret that I had to drive for eight hours more than I was actually at the fair.

  2. Paged Out! #3 is out

    After more than four years of waiting, the third issue of the Paged Out! zine was released mid-December. Skimming through the articles, it seems to be as good as ever.

  3. Using GDB Breakpoint Command Lists

    Breakpoint command lists are a handy feature of our most loved GNU debugger. Still, I seldom read about them or see them in use, even by proficient users. Thus, I'd like to give some usage examples here.

  4. Uberspace is Being Sued

    Uberspace is currently being sued for hosting youtube-dl's main page. This is the industry's second attempt in unpublishing information about the tool after their unsuccessful try in taking down youtube-dl's GitHub repository.

  5. Write The Blog You Want to Read

    It's been quiet around here, and that's for a reason. Blogging is just one thing on my to-do list, and it's pretty low on that list. But there's more to it. It's not just about making time to write something but also about staying motivated.

  6. Possible Gitlab Hack

    Today I noticed a new and unknown user on our company's Gitlab instance: "johnyj12345". We immediatly took down our instance as it seems as if that Johny was able to extract our secrets. You should probably do so, too.

  7. Sitemaps for (Small) Static Sites

    You may know that I run a small CV site and since I'd like our precious observers to regularly scan my toy sites, I tend to provide a sitemap for them. I've implemented the updates of those sitemaps with a git commit hook I'd like to share with you here.

  8. A Response to a Response to Hello World

    Recently a blog post entitled "A Response to Hello World" by Caleb Doxsey has been making the rounds. In it he tries to dissect Drew DeVault's arguments for software simplicity in his own blog post "Hello World".

  9. My Opinion on the "Blauer Engel" for Software

    For some time now, a group of experts has been working on evaluation criteria for the "Blauer Engel" seal for software. As usual with this award, the goal is to reward low resource consumption. So far, so reasonable. But...

  10. Paged Out! #2 is out

    I know I'm late to the game, but "Paged Out!" #2 has been released in mid November. Just like the first issue, it features tons of interesting articles and tutorials.

  11. Tiny Bits: DNS TTLs

    Often overlooked but still important: The right choices for your DNS TTLs. tl;dr Make them longer!

  12. I've Made A Thing: yafg

    Dissatisfied with the existing solutions, I've made my own Markdown plugin for creating <figure> and <figcaption> tags for pictures: yafg. Here's why and how.

  13. Tiny Bits: SVG icons

    Tiny Bits is (hopefully) going to be a more or less regular series of posts about small ideas, actions or changes, that are important regardless of their size. This time: SVG icons for my curriculum vitae website.

  14. Paged Out! #1 is out

    The first issue of the programming and hacking focused zine called "Paged Out!" is out now. It follows an – as the editors put it – experimental approach of one article per page. I've had a read and here's my opinion.

  15. My New Blog

    Finally, I've got my new blog up and running. It's been a while since I wrote my last article and I took the chance to come up with some new ideas, both technical and from a content point of view.