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Paged Out! #3 is out

After more than four years of waiting, the third issue of the Paged Out! zine was released mid-December. Skimming through the articles, it seems to be as good as ever.

Published by Philipp Trommler. This article has also been translated to: da, de.

In their blog entry from August 2023 they go into some detail why the work on the third issue of Paged Out! took so long as well as into project-related changes (the zine is now operated and managed by the project-lead's own company and has a new editor to ensure its future).

Content-wise the new issue (Warning, big PDF!) looks fantastic as always. I have not yet read all articles, but the ones I've read so far were just as interesting as those from 2019. As usual they're about topics somewhere between hardware, software and art.

As always after releasing an issue, the call for papers for the next one is open. They say we don't have to wait so long this time…

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